Home Addition DIY Project - Bathroom Addition Part 1


To show the progress, I want to take it back to the beginning of the bathroom project. Below is a picture of the space after the framing step and another picture after insulation. The space is fairly large at 12ft X 7ft and will have a shower, linen closet, and toilet. This addition will double the size of the master bathroom and give it an L-shape layout. The main goal of this space was to provide a large shower for that spa-like feel.

DIY home addition bathroom framingDIY home addition bathroom insulation

Bathroom layout / plans with DIY home addition
Bathroom Layout


Before construction, there is always destruction, which is the case for this section of the wall that had to be removed. This is the doorway that connects the new space to the original bathroom. Later the toilet will be relocated into the new space, and the door framing will be completed.  

DIY Bathroom addition door opening in drywall


We want the space to be very bright, so two fixtures will be put up in the new space. A fan and light combo for the center of the room and a recessed light over the shower. The two lights and the fan will be controlled by separate switches for a total of three. The exhaust fan will exit out of the soffit, which will be shown in a later post for the siding. You can see the two boxes roughed in, the wires ran, and the switches installed.

DIY bathroom addition electrical - exhaust fan and lights
Drywall Install

When installing the drywall the ceiling is always the challenging part. While installing this ceiling I dropped the screw bit several times and had to get down to find it, and then reposition and lift the drywall to the ceiling, what a pain. Luckily I had my dad to help with the last sheet on the ceiling because the first two kicked my butt. The moral of the story is you may need help or a drywall lift when completing ceiling drywall. With the drywall installed we will move on to taping and mudding.

DIY bathroom addition drywall installDIY bathroom addition drywall install

DIY bathroom addition drywall installDIY bathroom addition drywall install

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