3D Printing and Modeling

The Journey

For over one year now I have been learning 3D printing. It goes well with my background in engineering and 3D modeling. It is still amazing to see a 3D model turned into a real object you can hold. I am currently up to 3 printers in the print lab. I love new objects with new challenges. I love to print function parts, toys, and collectables. 

3D print lab

3D Print Capabilites

All 3 of the printers I have are FDM style printers. I can print ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU, and others that I have not tried yet. If the model can be located I can most likely print it. For special requests email me at 3dprint@carsncreations.com 
3D Printed Bookmark Holder
3D Printed flexi dinosaur

3D Modeling

My background is in engineering and I love to create new things. If you have something you need reverse-engineered, designed from scratch, or something drawn up let me know. I can give you a quote based on the task. Email me at 3dprint@carsncreations.com 

3D design for holding scraper

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